The popular tourist guidebook publisher "Lonely Planet" has placed Latvia among the top ten countries that one should visit in 2016. Latvia is ranked as 5th among Top 10 countries to visit next year.

"Latvia is a bright, shining modern European destination. The country not only boasts an array of castles, inns and museums, but with international influence, its local cuisine is being catapulted to new heights too," says Tom Hall, one of the authors of the "Best in Travel 2016" guide.

Visiting the pirts - a hot birch sauna - is listed as most Latvian tradition, and is said in the description to qualify as a "life-changing experience. Meanwhile, Gauja National Park is listed as most bizarre sight as it holds not only magnificent nature scenes but also ome of the most eccentric relics from the Soviet era - the 1200m cement bobsled track built near Sigulda as the training course for the Soviet Olympic team and the top-secret nuclear fallout shelter buried under a convalescence home in Lĩgatne.

Botswana is on top of the list, followed by Japan, the United States, and Palau. Latvia is fifth, followed by Australia, Poland, Uruguay, Greenland, and Fiji.

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Latvian Institute, 28.10.2015, Society, Nature, Culture, Business