One hundred years, one hundred stories – snapshots of the codes of our consciousness, values and virtues, a glimpse at both the changeable and the constant Latvia: this is what the new book, published by Latvian Institute, is about.

Just like any other nation, we have our unforgettable experiences and past traumas, which we strive to overcome, big and small victories that keep inspiring us and keep reminding us of the things worth fighting for, special people and landmarks as important symbols telling the story of who we are, our weaknesses and strengths, and our future ambitions. The ingredients that make a nation are often the same, but their endless combinations are what make each and every nation unique and beautiful. Just like in the story about Latgalian pottery – we are all different, yet made of the same substance. Let us explore, inspire, support and celebrate each other, because we are all connected. We are all one.

In 2018, Latvia – a country in Northern Europe, by the Baltic Sea, is celebrating its centenary of statehood.

15.02.2018, Centenary