The latest fiction film by Viesturs Kairišs, the Chronicles of Melanie ("Melānijas hronika"), which will have its Latvian release from November 1, will have the International premiere at the biggest Nordic and Baltic film festival, Tallinn Black Nights, where it has been selected as one of 12 films for the official competition.

This year Tallinn Film Festival will be held for the 20th time and for the 2nd time it has ranked among the film festivals of Cannes, Venice, San Sebastian and others, all together 15 film festivals of the world, accredited as ‘A’ List Festivals by the International Federation of Film Producers FIAPF.

The Chronicles of Melanie is a co-production of Latvia (Mistrus Media), Czech Republic (8HeadsProductions) and Finland (Inland Films), supported financially by the Latvian National Film Centre, the State Culture Capital Foundation, the Czech Republic State Cinematography Fund, Eurimages, the Film Fund of the Regional Council of North Karelia, the Finnish public broadcasting company YLE, and the Latvian Television.

“It is my great honour that the international audience will be acquainted with the Chronicles of Melanie at Tallinn Black Nights Festival since it is the best place to draw attention to themes addressing the special and, moreover, the common history of the Baltic region. The film was made in cooperation with film professionals from different countries, in the process of work turning Chronicles of Melanie from a national story into universal,” tells the director Viesturs Kairišs.

The film is based on the life story of Melānija Vanaga, a Latvian woman who managed to survive her deportation to Siberia. It is a truthful account of the miracle of human character, magnitude of the human spirit and the painful destinies, which were a part of the greatest tragedy facing the Latvian nation. It is the story of Latvian women who had to suffer and survive physically and emotionally in order for Latvia to live.

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Source: based on information from the National Film Centre of Latvia
24.10.2016, History, Culture, People