About 175,000 residents participated in the Nationwide Clean-up Day on a mostly sunny and warm day at the end of April. The number of clean-up day participants has increased comparing to 2013 when around 160,000 enthusiasts took part in the event.

The event's organizers have estimated that about 40 percent of the officially registered "clean-up" locations also underwent environmental improvement.

Last weekend's clean-up works took place in other countries as well - Lithuania, Ukraine, Greece, and Cyprus. The number of participants in Ukraine's clean-up event reached 400,000.

The organisers of the Nationwide Clean-up Day urges residents to follow their competitive spirit and compete with Lithuania and Ukraine to reach an even bigger number of participants. "The more people are involved, the easier it is to reach our goal - to make Latvia the cleanest and greenest country in the world," says Vita Jaunzeme, the head of the event. She hopes that the residents will continue to ensure clean environment also after the clean-up day.

Photo: Aleksandrs Kendenkovs
Latvian Institute, 29.04.2015, Nature, Society