Love Latvia? Become a Mission Latvia ambassador!

You’re invited to become a Mission Latvia ambassador to spread awareness of Latvia abroad. If you are Latvian or simply appreciate the culture and the people, this invitation is for you!


Each Latvian, no matter where they are in the world, is an important representative of their country, even if unintentionally. By taking part in their local culture and society, they serve as ambassadors of their homeland, and have the opportunity to spread knowledge and understanding of their culture and values, and even build economic and diplomatic ties.

We appreciate each Latvian patriot, all friends of Latvia no matter where they are. We’d like to formalize our relationship and give them the tools to make their mark.

What ambassadors will do

We are building a community of ambassadors who are at the forefront of the Mission Latvia movement abroad, promoting Latvia as a great place to live, work, visit, and do business with.


Ambassadors will be mandated to:


Spread their passion for Latvia to others


Encourage connections and collaborations with Latvians, locally and abroad


Build the Mission Latvia movement, and craft how the world sees Latvian potential

What can you get?

Becoming an ambassador is a voluntary role. However Mission Latvia ambassadors will gain value in variety of other formats:

  • Access – a direct line of communication with the missionLatvia team
  • Agency – a voice at the proverbial table, and the ability to craft how the Latvian state interacts with the world
  • Appreciation – through your strengthened ties with Latvia, you will be acknowledged as a meaningful link in the country’s development.

Who can become an ambassador?

Anyone with Latvia close to their heart is invited to become a Mission Latvia ambassador.

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