What Goethe is to Germans, what Cervantes is to Spain, Rainis is to Latvians – or, as it would only be fair to say, Rainis (1865 – 1929) and Aspazija (1865 – 1943). Literary Latvian language was at the time in its infancy, and Rainis and Aspazija were without a doubt among those who helped nurture it. In their poetry, plays, translations and political activities they both created a sense of Latvian identity. You would be hard-pressed to find a Latvian town that does not have a street named after Rainis or Aspazija; you will probably see their names in most theatre repertoires. It is hardly surprising that there is even a crater on the planet Mercury that bears Rainis’ name. Latvia marks the 150th anniversary of the Latvian power couple of culture in 2015.

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Meet Rainis & Aspazija

Meet Rainis and Aspazija