September 5, 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the great art nouveau master, Mikhail Eisenstein. His decorative buildings are among the most sought-after touristic sites of Rīga, renowned the world over.

Mikhail Eisenstein, born in Ukraine on September 5, 1867, in the family of Jewish traders, graduated from St. Petersburg’s Institute of Civil Engineering to become one of the most influential construction engineers and architects of Rīga of his time. He left a rich heritage of decorative art nouveau – over 20 multi-storey apartment buildings which stand out with their richness of décor, unusual window shapes, symbolic characters, ornamental female heads, use of colourful glazed bricks or ceramic tiles in facades, glass and metal plates. Almost all of his most significant works can be found in the area around Alberta street and Strēlnieku street in Central Rīga.

To honour the heritage of the great master, Rīga Art Nouveau Museum is offering special exhibitions, open to visitors from September 6-24, 2017, at 12 Alberta street.

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