Latvian Talents EP 14 - Fashion with message

Colours, brightness is not the only aspect of fashion. The most important is the story and message delivered to us, consumers. It is art in different form. Find out about story of talented fashion designer Laima Jurca.


Latvian Talents EP 13 - Good Lady

Music doesn’t have borders. Language, nationality, gender doesn’t play part in music appreciation. The same applies to electronic music. Follow the story of Latvian electronic music Dj “Good Lady” and his interesting story.


Latvian Talents EP 12 - Miniatures

Tiny objects and houses representing or big and beautiful world. How to create your own fairy tale world? Learn from two talented miniature artists - Jana Kļavinska and Edgars Briedis


Latvian Talents EP 11 - Contemporary dance

Individualism, emotions, expression of ones thoughts and ideas - that's our way of describing contemporary dace. Find out how dancer Egija Abaroviča describes this beautiful art form.


Latvian Talents EP 10 - Imagination of Wood

Furniture - such an ordinary object in our everyday life. But is it really? Even this part of our life can be molded into something extraordinary. Jānis Straupe has been working with wood for more than 35 years. He creates both sculptures and design objects, as well as fully functional furniture. Let us introduce you to some of his work.