To promote Latvia’s Centenary abroad, the Latvian Institute as the coordinating body for the Centenary’s international communication has developed a visual concept. Its colourful design is based on the Venn diagram – the partial overlapping of two circles symbolises interaction between two subjects, resulting in a positive experience. The focus on “100 Years” stresses the creation of an independent Latvian state a century ago, and intrigues with the potential positive experience for the audience when coming into contact with Latvia. A range of promotion products has been designed and is freely available for non-commercial purposes aimed at promoting Latvia’s Centenary around the world. The files are ready-made for printing. If any other file formats or more detailed technical specifications are necessary, please contact us at

A6 size greeting card (PDF)

A1 size poster (PDF)

T-shirt – visualisation & print file (PDF)

Basic visual concept (roll-up banner) (JPG)