All Centenary events are created to strengthen the current values of Latvia, to create new and lasting values for the future, and to launch long-term activities with special attention towards children and youth in all regions of Latvia.

Embrace Latvia

Photo: Valts Kleins
Latvia’s Centenary celebrations start on May 4, 2017, with the Embrace Latvia initiative – we will be planting oak trees around the border of Latvia. In our folklore, oak is a symbol of strength and stability. We, Latvians, shall be like oaks – deeply rooted in our land, with our great crowns tending towards the skies.  With this act, we wish to symbolise the unity of the Latvian nation and strengthen the sense of belonging to our land.

The action will start simultaneously in the four cardinal points of Latvia –in Ipiķi parish in the north, in Meikšāni in the east, in Demene parish in the south and in Bernāti parish in the west. And everyone is encouraged to plant oak groves and alleys around Latvia throughout Centenary celebration years to make this country green and strong for future generations.

The Embrace Latvia project is organised by the Ministry of Interior and Latvia 100 Office involving Latvia’s municipalities and youth organisations all around Latvia.

The Latvian School Bag

The Latvian School Bag is the largest Latvia’s Centenary project offering funding and a wide range of educational must-see events for more than 200 000 of Latvia’s schoolchildren.

The aim of the project is to help children and youth from all over Latvia gain personal cultural and educational experience by attending theatre, music, visual arts, contemporary dance, architecture, cinema, literature, cultural heritage and regional studies events. The project aims to include the exploration of Latvia’s natural and cultural treasures, and learning about the scientific and business achievements into the school curricula, providing an integrated educational programme for different age groups and covering the related travel expenses and entrance tickets.

Starting September 2018, this initiative, with more than 40 per cent of the total Centenary budget (13.5 million euros), is the biggest gift of Latvia to its pupils.

A National Costume for Everyone

Photo: Valts Kleins
The Latvian National Centre for Culture has launched the project “A National Costume for Everyone” to raise awareness about the traditional Latvian folk dress as a carrier of information about the Latvian culture, history and ethnic character.  A traditional dress used to depict its wearer’s social, family and material status, as well as shows how Latvian cultural characteristics have interacted with those of neighbouring nations and cultures.

The Project will tell the story of the Latvian folk costume, its roots, wearing traditions and development through centuries. A series of DIY seminars and video tutorials on how to make one’s own folk dress and its accessories, publications on the history of folk costume in different regions of Latvia are only a few events that will take place until November 2018 in the framework of the project.  It is intended not only to raise general awareness but also to inspire everyone to acquire one’s own folk dress by the time Latvia turns 100.

Latvian Films for Latvia’s Centenary

Latvian Films for Latvian Centenary will offer artistically high-quality films of diverse genres highlighting such themes as the history of Latvia, its statehood and national identity in order to raise public awareness about the development of the state of Latvia.

In the framework of the programme, 16 feature-length films will be made: six feature films, two animated films and eight documentaries. The themes are varied and wide-ranging, covering ancient and recent periods of history. The films will be directed both by recognised Latvian cinema classics and by directors of the younger generation. See you at film premieres of the films in 2018!

TuEsi.LV (YouAre.LV)

The authors of the project “Tu esi Latvija / You are Latvia/” (TuEsi.LV / YouAre.LV for short) are creating one hundred inspirational video stories of young people living and working in different parts of Latvia, encouraging the rest of us with their example to pursue one’s dreams regardless of location. The project is to be completed by November 18, 2018, when Latvia celebrates its 100th jubilee.

“If you do something, you make mistakes, and you learn from those mistakes and you try to not make those mistakes again,” says Sandris Štāls, owner of a bakery in Aizpute.

“It doesn’t really matter if I live in Paris, or in London, or here, in such a small village like Lejasciems. If you have an idea in your mind, all you need to do is believe and realise it,” says designer Laila Uiska.

Jog Latvia in the World

Latvians and friends of Latvia worldwide are invited to run or walk a route resembling the geographic shape of Latvia, thus leaving virtual imprints of Latvia around the world. The Latvian Institute together with the NGO, Virtual Club of Runners “Noskrien.LV”, launched this Centenary initiative “Jog Latvia in the World” on April 7, 2017, as part of Latvia’s Centenary Celebration. Be it a marathon, a half marathon, or a shorter distance around your town or city, challenge yourself for Latvia – use one of our premade routes or put together one of your own on your favourite sports app and use the hashtag #izskrienLatviju. Share it with friends, family members and neighbours. Jogging routes in many cities of the world are available here

The Latvian Institute invites everyone who feels connected to Latvia take part in the initiative on May 5, 2018 - anywhere in the world.