Memorial services and other ceremonies were taking place across Latvia November 11 to remember those who have fallen in defense of the Latvian nation, reminds.

Lāčplēsis Day is the day upon which Latvia's soldiers are honored, and though it coincides with the day upon which the end of the First World War is commemorated in many other countries, the Latvian events are subtly different, officially marking the day in 1919 when a crucial victory against allied German and Russian forces was won in the fledgling republic, which had declared independence a year earlier.

It is often observed that though 1918 is regarded as the final year of World War One, in Latvia military conflict continued for a considerable period after that date.     

In a message delivered while he attends international Armistice commemorations in France, President Raimonds Vējonis paid tribute to the armed forces and stressed that it stands as ready to defend the country today as it did all those years ago.

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