The Bank of Latvia is issuing a new EUR 5 silver collector coin "500 Years of the Riga Castle". The price of the coin at the Bank of Latvia's cashier offices is EUR 41.07.

The coin is a dedication to the Riga Castle, with its silhouette on the right bank of the Daugava River being a characteristic feature of the Riga skyline and a witness to the power or weakness of the rulers for centuries. Year 1515 is the accepted date for the construction of the Riga Castle.

The coin's obverse features the stone moldings on the gateway of the Riga Convent showing the Madonna and Wolter von Plettenberg, the Master of the Livonian Order; the reverse depicts a bird's-eye view of the stylized Riga Castle.

The graphic design of the coin's obverse and the coin's plaster model have been created by Ivars Drulle, and Ilze Lībiete is the author of the graphic design of the reverse. The coin has been struck by Switzerland's mint "Faude & Huguenin SA".

Its maximum mintage is limited to 7,000 coins.


Photo: Bank of Latvia
19.06.2015, Economy, National Symbols