On 25-26 August, Riga will host the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Baltic and Nordic countries in the NB8 format. Latvia will welcome the region’s representatives as the country coordinating the NB8 cooperation in 2016. The programme includes a reflection on cooperation in the region over the 25 years since the Baltic States regained their independence and a discussion on current developments in Europe as well as security issues in the region and beyond.

The priorities for NB8 cooperation in 2016 is the strengthening of security within the region, including energy security, promotion of strategic communication, cyber security and the fight against hybrid threat, and support for the Eastern Partnership.

The NB-8 (Nordic–Baltic Eight) as an informal regional network comprising Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia has been evolving since the Baltic States regained their independence. The NB8 format, although not institutionalised, effectively ensures opportunities for political dialogue and practical cooperation by means of the rotating coordination among member countries.

In 2017, NB8 cooperation will be coordinated by Norway.

Further information: 2016 – The Year of Baltic and Nordic Cooperation.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
25.08.2016, Foreign Affairs, Politics