Congratulations, dear Lithuanians!

Hand to hand. From people to people. Wishing to thank for the friendship and support, the people of Latvia delivered symbolic birthday cakes to our neighbouring countries Lithuania, Estonia and Finland as our greeting on their upcoming centenaries. By bicycles, vintage cars, motorcycles, tractors, SUP boards – the journey of the cakes was filmed to be made into three "road-movies". This one is for Lithuanians. Su Lietuvos atkūrimo gimtadieniu!


98 iemesli apmeklēt Latviju


Andris Nelsons un Kristīne Opalais

Andris Nelsons,  Bostonas Simfoniskā orķestra galvenais diriģents  un Kristīne Opalais, viena no visvairāk pieprasītajiem soprāniem uz pasaules skatuvēm.


Elīna Garanča

Pasaules slavenā Operas dziedātāja


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