A newly-published book outlines Latvia's rich collection of Art Nouveau or Jugendstil buildings, including many notable sites outside central Rīga that are often overlooked, eng.lsm.lv reports.

For the first time in one issue, the whole story of Art Nouveau architecture of Latvia is summarized in "Art Nouveau Architecture in Latvia", written by researcher and architect Janis Krastiņš.

Krastiņš can surely be called one of the most experienced Jugendstil researchers in Latvia. His first book "Art Nouveau Architecture in Riga" came out already in 1980 at a time when appreciation of the artistic style of the early 20th century was at a low point under Soviet occupation.

"When we were studying, we were taught that Art Nouveau was a decline, decadent... Well, I myself lived in Pārdaugava and went to the city center as if to a museum," said Krastiņš. "I walked along the streets, I paid attention to the facades. Being taught that it was a mean and poor architecture was something I found absolutely unconvincing."

Over the years, Krastiņš has continued his researches across all of Latvia and seen Rīga's Art Nouveau architecture included on UNESCO's world heritage list.

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