The sign

Infinity of water, stone, sky, earth, and love along with the number 100 is entwined in the visual identity of Latvia’s Centenary. The use of this sign affirms the user’s fellowship with the celebration of the Centenary.

The letter font, Cīrulis, used to create the sign is adopted from the works by Ansis Cīrulis, Latvian designer who lived and worked a century ago. He was one of the most important Latvian artists of his time, strengthening with his particular artistic style the idea of national identity during his lifetime and inspiring several generations in the next decades.

The campaign – invitation to celebrate

To announce Latvia’s upcoming jubilee and invite everyone to join the celebration, the Latvian Institute has launched the campaign, You+Latvia=Click!

At the core of the concept lies the idea that any celebration requires at least two – a host and a guest. The graphic design is based on the Venn diagram of two partly overlapping circles symbolizing interaction of two objects. It implies a positive and intriguing experience for you, the guest, through coming into contact with Latvia, the host. And vice versa.


A range of promotion products has been designed and is freely available for non-commercial use to promote Latvia’s Centenary around the world. 

Poster:  100_years_a1.pdf 

Greeting card: 

Roll-up banner


Invitation to Centenary:


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