I would never have thought that I am going to be one of those people, who would return to his native country because quite frankly saying, I never believed that I could return. But to my surprise, a year ago, I came to visit my family and somehow decided to stay.

I went to the UK, or to be more precise London, the city of big buildings, lots of people and the most annoying travel system on the planet – especially at peak times. The first few weeks were tough. I had thought – me, who has learned English since the third grade, I’d be more fluent, and here to my own shock – I wasn’t. So I decided to start over completely and begin at the basics. On daily basis and with the help of all the people around me I was able to learn and adapt quite quickly, and a few months later I was an average English language user.

However, I am not writing this post to tell you about how I learned my language skills, but about my return to Latvia. So, where do I start? I suppose it was my third year there when I realised that I want to leave the UK for good. It was Christmas, and I was the only manager available for that time, as everyone else had booked their holidays already. So that was my first Christmas without my family being around and the celebratory feeling in general. I guess it was coming for a while already, as in the next year I felt that I don’t belong where I am anymore and that I have this craving feeling that I can’t shake off on daily basis – I was missing something.

Throughout the next year, the feeling escalated very quickly. My job didn’t give me any satisfaction anymore, and I didn’t care about the promotions and the big salary that I was getting. I felt really alone, so I knew that it’s time for a change. A lot of my co-workers couldn’t imagine me leaving because all the time there I had worked for the same company and been one of the best employees of all time.

Summer of 2015 came, and I booked myself a holiday, the first one in a year’s time. With that holiday booking, I gave in my notice of a month. At first, I thought I would go back to Latvia just for the summertime, but when I got back, I guess you can say Latvia grew on me – it was like a reverse culture shock. It was great to be around my friends and family, not just catch up once in a month through Skype. I suppose the feeling I was looking for back then in London can be defined in one word – home, because no matter how far you travel, everyone has their roots in one place, and they always lead back to where you belong in the end.


Evijs Ozols, 01.02.2017