Latvian talents EP 22 - Antique shoes

Shoes from the 13th century - a work of art by shoemaker Guna Zommere, who shares with us her story, and tips and tricks to creating antique footwear.


Latvian Talents EP 21 - Cinema museum

Authentic cameras, films and projectors are only a part of the collection you will find in the cinema museum "Kino Ferma". Together with a chance to explore the history of the collection, cinema museum presents a unique opportunity to watch films in a more retro way.


Latvian Talents EP 20 - Caricatures

Latvian artist Bruno Bahs is introducing us to his world of caricatures, inspiration and art. "Art is everything", he says and encourages to see the beauty of the world and its people.


Latvian Talents EP 19 - Zero waste earrings

Recycling is the new black! Find out how 'zero-waste' earrings are made as Latvian artist Līva Harkeviča reveals more about the idea of the concept and earring creating process.


Latvian Talents EP 17 - Wooden lamps

Wooden lamp designer Elvijs Vībots will share his tips and tricks on creating mesmerising wooden log lamps with designer inspired by nature and Latvian strength signs.