In the London Design Biennale, the Latvian artist Artūrs Analts and his installation “Matter to Matter” has won a gold medal, awarded to the contribution with the most exceptional design.

The biennale is open to visitors from September 4 and will continue until September 23, with a special day dedicated to Latvia on September 18. Latvia is participating for the first time, represented by Arthur Analts and his interactive installation Matter to Matter.

Matter to Matter, an installation by Latvian designer Arthur Analts (Variant Studio), reflects on the Latvian relationship with nature with his use of materials, wood and water, and the sophisticated recreation of a natural process. The result is an interactive platform for the transition of matter to matter: gas to liquid.

Artist was inspired by his native city of Riga and its surrounding forests; an area which has its own unique atmosphere and climate due to proximity to the Baltic Sea. This capital city has a constant humidity, or moisture, which often leads to condensation. Analts recreates this physical process using a large green-glazed glass surface. The visually laconic glass wall with some ‘magical effect’ will invite visitors to communicate and interact by leaving their own message.

The Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA) and its department the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (MDAD) coordinate the preparatory process of participation of Latvia at the second London Design Biennale (LDB) in 2018. The author of Latvia’s exposition entitled Matter to Matter is young designer Arthur Analts from the multidisciplinary design company Variant Studio. The project is implemented as a part of international programme of Latvia’s Centenary.