Riga is the best city in the world through which to walk with your head tilted back at an angle of thirty degrees. (Mike Collier, eng.lsm.lv)
Mike Collier, eng.lsm.lv chief editor, 22.09.2017

Latvia celebrates its National day twice a year, on November 18 and May 4. Why so? Do we have a

Karina Pētersone, 03.05.2013

On April 24 friends of Latvia and Mark Rothko worldwide celebrated his symbolical return to his

Karina Pētersone Director, 26.04.2013

Easter is a special time, universally enjoyed in Latvia, regardless of people’s religious beliefs.

Kārlis Pots, 28.03.2013

There’s a Latvian riddle that goes like this - “What is white at both ends and green in

Karina Pētersone Director, 21.12.2012

This August has been very generous so far. Not to mention the mild weather, it has also brought Latvia unprecedented international recognition.

Karina Pētersone Director, 16.08.2012