Spring is always crazy. You never know when it will start. My name is Linards Liberts. I am a birch sap driller. “Entrepreneur” is too mainstream. I drill very small holes in birch trees and get one of the freshest drinks on earth - fresh birch sap.

Latvia is a land where everyone knows how it is properly done and when. We know it from childhood, because our parents and grandparents have told us about the benefits of freshly harvested tree sap. Latvians are unbelievably close to nature and value tree sap traditions as an important part of their heritage. To put it simply - this is the juice of life. We can reload ourselves with this divine drink.

Every tree can pump up hundreds of litres of sap every day. I take very little from each tree and handle them very gently. Trees are my friends; I talk with them, we embrace each other. And I am so proud that in Latvia we still know how to do that, keep our ancient traditions alive and pass them on to the next generations.

Right now birch sap is a "must have" for Latvians. You should drink some 10 litres each season; or if you can - more, even 2 litres every day. But the season is only 2 weeks in the year. This is not like harvesting coconut water where you are changing plantation after plantation for more coconuts, this is far more unique.

I hope that someday more and more people will try this super drink, because birch sap is very suited for the human organism. It has many minerals and has many health and immunity improving qualities. The trees consume water from deep within the earth and serve as gigantic filters, bolstering it with their own natural ingredients. No wonder why our ancestors started harvesting “tree juice”.

If you cannot travel to Latvia during this short season to get fresh sap, try something very old-school - fermented sap. Every household has made this fermented drink with hundreds of different recopies, stored in cool cellars or garages and saved for hot summer days.

Fermented sap is sour, naturally carbonated with different tastes (black currants, rye bread, peppermint, cranberries). Try it chilled in the hottest days and you will receive the freshness of spring. This is our Latvian super food - birch sap. Try it and probably you will love it, cheers!

Linards Liberts, 03.04.2014