It's less than a week until the start of one of the undoubted highlights of the centenary calendar the XXVI Song and XVI Dance Celebration. While it's probably too late to get hold of tickets to the main events unless you are very lucky, you can still enjoy all the sound and spectacle of this remarkable cultural gathering with LSM's Re:Play online streaming channels broadcasting coverage of all events via the internet, reports.

And if you are outside Latvia, be sure to pay particular attention to the coverage on the VISIEM LTV channel which is designed specifically for viewers outside Latvia and should help them avoid geoblocking issues.

The XXVI Latvian Song and XVI Dance Celebration will take place in Riga from 30 June to 8 July 2018 in the spirit of the Latvian Centenary. The Celebration week is the culmination of what the organisers—the Latvian National Center for Culture—and the amateur ensembles have been preparing for since the XXV Latvian Song and XV Dance Celebration.

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